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Genreal Contractor Building HomeAll General Contractors are not the same. We at Joseph Hamilton Construction, a New Jersey General Contractor, have guarded our reputation for excellence by following a simple formula. Do each job and every task with care and attention to detail.

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A New Jersey General Contractor with vast experience in Commercial Contractor work, Joseph Hamilton Construction, works closely with architects, engineers, and principals to turn ideas into beautifully landscaped buildings and grounds that sparkle with the look and feel intended by the Owner, Developer and Government.

Foundation is the most important concept

Genral Contractor FoundationWhat is the most important aspect of any project? You would think that this question should be answered correctly 100% of the time but it is not.

The correct answer is obvious if you look at the leaning tower of Pisa or the flooded streets of Venice.

Perhaps the destruction at the New Jersey Shore is the most glaring example of the number of people that have gotten this answer wrong.

Of course, the correct answer is the foundation. It all begins with the proper laser sighting and careful marking of the land. The marking of all existing water, electric and gas lines as well as waste and drain lines stop mistakes that can have disastrous consequences.

General Contractor a New Jersey Native

When you start the concept phase of design, include a New Jersey General Contractor with the reputation enjoyed by Joseph Hamilton Construction. Save time and effort in re-design to meet current building codes. Stop erroneous material specifications that increase cost and delay the project.

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